Sheriff Binder is a character in Ernest Scared Stupid. Binder was portrayed by Nashville-born actor Daniel Butler who previously appeared in Ernest Goes to Camp as Eddie the Chef. He is Amanda Binder's husband and is an incompetent police officer who cares about Briarville, Missouri's middle school Halloween dance. He dislikes Ernest due to the idea of imagining Trantor and other trolls. Binder does not want his son, Kenny and the kids to hang out with him.

When the parents told him about their missing kids, Binder was too lazy and incompetent to do anything and tells them that they are at the Halloween dance to avoid finding them.

He demands Kenny to go to the Halloween dance and he takes him there despite that Kenny didn't have a costume and didn't participate in the contest nor the party.

When the trolls attack, the trolls overwhelmed Binder.

When Kenny was turned into a doll, he and his wife are upset.

When destroys Trantor, the kids turn back to normal. Ernest became a hero while Binder and the Mayor became incompetence.

He apologizes to Kenny for not listening and for his own incompetence.

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