Francis "Old Lady" Hackmore is a main character in Ernest Scared Stupid. She was portrayed by Eartha Kitt. She has dirty thing on her front yard or the porch. Hackmore reads to Ernest about the legend of Trantor and other trolls. The mayor demanded to have her property of junk clean up; however, she scares Ernest away. Ernest with the three middle school students Kenny, Elizabeth, and Joey unintentionally set their treehouse underneath the tree where Trantor the troll is dormant. The troll later roams Brairville, Missouri once again to transform children or animals into wooden dolls (including three of Ernest's friends: Joey, Elizabeth, and Kenny as well as Ernest's dog, Rimshot). Hackmore reunites with her family after Ernest defeats Trantor.

Theory Edit

There is a theory that Old Lady Hackmore purposely told Ernest how to awake Trantor in order for Ernest to destroy Trantor to free her family that were turn into wooden dolls.

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