Mayor Murdock is a character in Ernest Scared Stupid. He was portrayed by Larry Black who also portrayed Mr. Tipton in Ernest Goes to Camp. Murdock's two sons, Mike and Matt are bullies of Briarville's middle school. Murdock demanded Ernest to have Old Lady Hackmore's property of trash clean up. They demolish Kenny's cardboard haunted house. Both of Murdock's twos sons are later mistaken for trolls by Ernest. Murdock cares about the school dance. Nobody believes him (especially Kenny's father who is Briarville's sheriff) after the exposure of the two trolls actually being Mike and Matt. One of the sons later ends up being Trantor's wooden doll. He tries to fight the trolls; however, he got beat up and was rescue by his son. Ernest defeats Trantor once and for all and become a hero. This made Mayor Murdock and Sheriff Binder look incompetent despite the fact that they are.  

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